Floral Water (Rosewater)

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Delightful and refreshing product designed to elevate your skincare and beauty routine.Indulge in the natural essence of roses with our premium quality Rosewater Mist Spray. Carefully extracted from the petals of fresh, handpicked roses, this product brings you the purest form of floral water to invigorate your skin and senses.

Key Features

  • 100% Natural: Well's Rose Water is made entirely from pure rose water, ensuring it is free from synthetic additives or chemicals. This rose water is designed for all skin types, so you can easily integrate it into your daily Skin & Hair care routine.
  • Skin Care: Our Rose Water deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It also delivers a cleansing effect to replenish the skin barrier. Wash away impurities & makeup and keep your skin rejuvenated with this product!
  • Hair Care: With the natural essence of roses, Well's rosewater helps hydrate your scalp and achieve a smooth texture. Also, it can leave your hair smelling floral that lingers everywhere you go.
  • How to Use: You can use Well's Rose Water whenever hydration is needed. It is suitable for a hair/scalp soothing mist to moisturize or a skin toner by spraying it on the skin or mixing it with creams or lotion.