100% Pure Natural Carrier Oil 8oz Propylene Glycol

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Propylene glycol is a common ingredient in cosmetic, personal, and skin care products. It is in anywhere from 26.4% to 37.8% of registered personal care products.

Our Propylene glycol is a versatile substance that carries out many functions in the product formulations in which it is included.

Some of these functions are:

  • Humectant: Humectants are included in cosmetic and skin care products for their moisturizing abilities. Propylene glycol works as a humectant by attracting moisture to the skin and consequently hydrating and moisturizing it.
  • Solvent: Propylene glycol is used to dissolve substances in a product formulation to get them to mix and work together properly. It also acts as the carrier for active ingredients.
  • Emollient: Emollients are ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin. They’re instrumental in skin care products for treating dry skin. Propylene glycol is an emollient because it forms an oily layer on the skin and prevents water loss.
  • Viscosity control: Propylene glycol reduces the thickness of cosmetic formulations and products. This helps them spread across the skin better, and it also improves how well the products are absorbed.
  • Preservative: Porpelyne glycol is often used in combination with other chemicals as a preservative in cosmetic and skin care products.