Body & Burning Oil (Inspired by Juicy Apple) - 1 fl.oz.

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Well’s Body & Burning Oil is a perfect scent solution for perfume oil and home fragrance. This product can be used with diffusers or oil burners for therapeutic purposes. Try it whenever you want to transform your space into a calming atmosphere. If you need to freshen up yourself, apply it on pulse points. With just a few drops, our oil can hold its scent throughout the day. Explore our Body & Burning oil collections and find your favorite scent among the diverse options!

  • For Perfume Oil: You can wear Well’s Body & Burning oil whenever you need to freshen up. Apply it on pulse points to ensure the scent lasts longer and is more potent.
  • For Home Fragrance: This oil can be used for therapeutic purposes. Try it with your diffuser or oil burner to create a calming environment.
  • Longevity: Our oil can retain its scent for quite a long time with just a few drops. Enjoy our long-lasting oil that lingers throughout the day!
  • Easy & Convenient: This 1 oz size bottle is perfect to bring with you anywhere. The fast-absorbing formula can amplify and leave behind the scent. 
  • Various Options: Our Body & Burning oil offers 26 fragrances to fit your preferences and moods. Choose your scent!